Angie Jeffress -Bel La Chic-The “ART Of Gift Wrapping”


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to start Bel La Chic Enwrapped ?

I knew I could not retire from the government and be happy. So I decided to pursue my passion of gift wrapping and take it to the next level. I previously owned a very successful Luxury wedding planning business in 2003 for over 15-18 years in Atlanta Ga, and I didn’t want to go back with the industry changes.  I have always wrapped gifts with great presentation but I desired to have something more. So I started my research and found a lady in Minnesota with a gift wrapping business and a trailer! I said that is it and here I’m now.

Who or what motivates you and why? 

What motivates me is having the freedom to be creative in designing packages. I say it’s the  “ART of gift wrapping”,  you have one time to show a presentation and that’s in the beginning. I love how I can create luxe wrappings, ribbons, suede, leather, feathers, embellishments and more on my gifts. Why do I do this? Because, I love beautiful elegant things and I love to see my clients’ reactions especially when they say ” It’s simply too pretty to open!” My talent is God given and I can’t thank enough for allowing me to discover this passion.

Why is it important for people to experience Be La Chic? 

It is important for people  to enjoy the Bel La Chic experience because it’s simply one of a kind.  This experience is for those who do not enjoy gift wrapping or find they no longer have the time. It is our mission to bring back the presentation of gift giving. Gift giving is about the recipient and seeing their face light up when you present a beautiful package and it’s for them. It shows you care, it adds a wow factor, anticipation and most of all a smile!

What has been the most challenging aspect of starting your business? 

The most challenging thing for me has been marketing. Discovering my target audience and trying to figure out creative ways to market to them outside of the holiday season. Bel La Chic is a year around business. Whether it’s a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or birthday we are here to celebrate every occasion with our gift wrapping services. We want our clients to think outside of grabbing a gift bag and tissue paper!  

What would people like to know about you that some might not already know?

I would like for people to know I care and have passion about doing the right thing in life. I enjoy what I do and I try my best to present quality products to my clients. I’m an army brat born in  Phoenix, Arizona.  I love sweets, fried shrimp, and I love to design and decorate. 

What motivated you to open a mobile gift wrapping business?

The motivation was simply no one was doing this!  I wanted to create convenience for celebrities or anyone to have their expensive gifts wrapped in front of their home or their office. 

What’s next for Bel La Chic? 

To become a well -known household brand for gift wrapping with expansion in different cities and states. 

What differentiates your gift wrapping from others ? 

The difference is it’s my style of elegance. From the way I tie my ribbon to the color combinations.  I envision how to create a custom gift as “The ART of Design”.  

About Angie

My ability to envision and create designs with colors, shapes, and materials before they come to life, is a natural, God-given gift honed over 15 years of dedication in the wedding and décor industry. Since birth, I’ve been a diva to my core. Even as a child, I was always roused by beauty, creativity, and refinement, which my mom shared with me. Seeing and hearing gratitude and satisfaction from my clients renews my passion for providing lavishness each time.

​I am obsessed with organizing and class, seeking to present every product with nothing less than sophistication. My motto for success is, “You only have one chance to make the first time perfect.”  

The experience gained during my time at AJ Consultants and Associates, a very successful wedding planning company, coupled with my passion and drive for beauty, simplicity, and elegance motivated me to give life to Bel La Chic Enwrapped.

Here at Bel La Chic you will find our presentations of your gifts beyond memorable!

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