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The FLO Podcast is “For The Love Of” YOU! Exploring topics that help YOU actively engage in life, tips on creating a safe and successful work and life balance, and tools to equip listeners with better business practices, legal advice, and planning.

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Plush · Marcus Johnson FLO (For The Love Of) Chill


Marcus Johnson is an independent Billboard-ranked musician, NAACP Image Award nominee, owner of FLO Brands and FLO Wine, JD and MBA, philanthropist, father, friend… and so much more! 

What is FLO (For the Love Of)? It represents the journey through which we discover those things in life that fulfill us and make each experience a little better. For the love of life, self, happiness, passion, joy…love itself.

To date, Marcus has released more than fifteen Billboard charted CDs, and has the distinction of having his groundbreaking 2008 Billboard Top 20 Contemporary Jazz FLO (For the Love Of) Anthology, which consisted of three distinct CDs — FLO Chill, FLO Romance and FLO Standards – all chart Top 10 on Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts simultaneously.


  • Lessons in Love (1997&2005)
  • Inter Alia (1997)
  • Chocolate City Groovin’ (1998)
  • Coming Back Around (1999)
  • Urban Groove (2000)
  • Just Doing What I Do (2005)
  • In Concert for a Cause (2006)
  • Phoenix (2007)
  • For the Love of Standard (2008)
  • Poetically Justified (2009)
  • For the Love of Chill Vol 2. (2010)
  • This Is How I Rock (2011)
  • Capital w/Young Pulse (2013
  • Live and Direct-DVD (2014)
  • Live and Direct (2015).