Interview With Donice Bibbs owner of John Wesley Eyewear Designs

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur
I have always had a knack for “doing my own thing”. And I have always had leadership qualities dating back to high school. In high school, I founded a “sorority” with some girlfriends of mine. Went to a club owner in Chicago, and convinced him to let us have a party for teenagers at his club. At the age of 16-17.
Before owning an eyewear company, I was an event planner. Setting up parties and weddings was super fun for me. However, now I plan events around my eyewear company and instead of staging events I stage my eyewear.
I have always enjoyed the idea of having control of my own schedule/day and the freedom of time. Also, I wanted to build something that could sustain my family for generations to come
Tell us about your company and product
John Wesley Eyewear Designs is a luxury eyewear brand that helps implement the art of fashion into eyewear. We offer a variety of quality frames that not only fits your personality but also your budget.
Our frames are durable and our customers are always telling us how great the quality of our frames are.
The entire premise of our collection was deliver quality yet affordable fashion eyewear. Being a fashionista shouldn’t break the bank.
It is our goal to make stylish frames affordable to everyone. I come from very humble beginnings and I remember when I was in need of new glasses my parents couldn’t afford the ones I really wanted.
What has been the most difficult aspect of being an entrepreneur.
The most difficult aspect of being an entrepreneur is continually believing in yourself and your products/services that you offer. I have found that having confidence and being confident is two totally different things.
As cliche’ as it sounds, you have to believe in you ling before anyone else does.
Oftentimes, most industries are over-saturated and others will begin to throw their opinions of why what you are doing won’t work. You have to know that if God gives you the vision, He will also give you the provision. Staying focused and committed is always priority.
What advice would you give someone who seeks to become an entrepreneur
Dream Big! Like really really big. Write your business plan like you are already a fortune 500 company. Don’t think small. Don’t play small and you won’t stay small. Plan and prepare twice. Lay the foundation. Do the work. It will work if you work it. That way when God sends you increase and expansion, you are prepared to receive it.
Where would you like to see your business in the next five years
Securing funding to increase brand awareness is my ultimate priority. I want to further invest money into marketing and advertising. Hire a sales team that could assist with getting products into other retailers. To have the ability to hire and train employees from the community would be ideal.
I would like to become a wholesaler and also help other aspiring entrepreneurs build their brand in the eyewear industry.
John Wesley Eyewear will become a household name.
John Wesley Eyewear Designs
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Eyewear Boutique address
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