Chef Kamaria Moore


By Staff

What inspired you to become a chef and start Moore Living? 

I have always been surrounded by amazing food. The foundation was laid by my parents and grandparents. My grandmother continues to inspire me in all aspects of hospitality.

Moore Living simply started with me showing glimpses of my daily life! I wanted to bring a different perspective to the world of hospitality. A different face, a different hue.

What does success look like for you ? 

Success for me is when my prayers and my desires are aligned.

Who do you admire in the culinary world and why ? 

I admire a lot of hometown hero’s in the culinary world. Stevie and Josiah of Bay Grape Wine in Oakland, Chef Sergio from La Marcha in Berkeley, Ca, Gina and Chef Linton Hopkins of Hopkins and Company in Atlanta and Sarah Pierre of 3 Parks wine.

They consistently create amazing food and wine  experiences!


What has been the most memorable compliment you have received? 

I can’t pinpoint the most memorable compliment however, the best compliment is when everyone starts eating and the room gets quiet and you see everyone silently enjoying every bite of food on their plate

How do you stay motivated in such a competitive industry ? 

My love and passion for enhancing the joy inside of people is what keeps me motivated

What is your favorite dish to prepare and why? 

One of my favorite dishes to make is a pork chop with stewed apples and mashed potatoes. It’s deeply comforting and delicious. First I sauté the apples in olive oil with salt, fresh and rosemary. Then I add a whole grain mustard and a little sugar finish it off with white wine and butter… it’s incredible

Can you tell me about your new E-book? 

Moore Living Guidebook is filled with some of my favorite recipes, notes on gardening, home decor, and tips of finding balance and gratitude.


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