Gladstone Etienne of ZABICOLife Herbal Tea


By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about ZABICOLife.

 ZABICOLife produces luxury custom loose-leaf herbal tea blends for health and wellness.  Our passion is for health and healing.  Our mission is to inspire people to use herbal teas as a lifestyle. Our wellness blends support; anxiety, stress, detox, immunity, women’s health, gallbladder, blood health and overall wellness.

What is the proper way to drink tea?

The proper way to steep ZABICOLife herbal tea blends is to bring filtered, or spring water to a rolling boil on the stove-top or electric kettle. Steep 1 teaspoon of herbal blend in an 8-14oz cup covered for 15 to 20 minutes.  Steeping the herbs for 15 to 20 minutes allows the medicinal properties to be extracted from the herbs for maximum health benefits. Also, drinking the teas for 45 minutes before eating, or 1.5 hours after eating allows the herbal blends to get to the blood stream unhindered.

What makes ZABICOLife tea better than Lipton or other known brands?

ZABICOLife is a luxury custom herbal tea line. Our blends consist of 6-8 different parts of different herbs to arrive at a blend that supports certain functions of the body. We use parts of whole herbs in our herbal blends thus providing maximum benefits from our blends.

How have Covid-19 impacted your business?

Covid-19 has presented an opportunity for ZABICOLife to flourish. We have an online tea shop, and with COVID-19 more people are looking for products that can help improve their lives. The Body Defense, CBD Body Relax and Body Detox teas among others help to build the body to combat the possible impacts of COVID-19.

Which teas are best to drink during Covid-19 and why?

The Body Defense, Blood Builder Tea, and Body Detox are the best for COVID-19 due to the herbs used in these blends. The herbs used in these blends; boost immunity, assist the respiratory track, strengthen the blood stream, strengthen the heart, eliminate toxins and free radicals from the body, and detox the system. All these components are essential in allowing the body to fight off infection and sickness.

What has been a testimony of the results in using your teas?

Our Blood Builder tea taken daily over a period of 2-month period has raised the white blood cell count to the desired levels in a breast cancer survivor.

How do you create the blends?

I have passion for health and healing. We usually identify an ailment in the body and design a blend that has been proven to help support or improve the condition. Then we add herbs that complement the foundational herbs to arrive at a cup of tea that is very palatable, that doesn’t require a sweetener.

What’s next for ZABICOLlife?

We plan to position ZABICOLife to be the good-to brand in the market place for herbal teas. We want to inspire people to use herbal teas as lifestyle.

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