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Who is Candice Cannon Rudd?

I am a wife. A mother. A lawyer. And more recently, an author. Above all these things I am a believer, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share knowledge about financial literacy with future generations. 

I have always been an avid reader, and grew up with a lot of books. I remember going to the bookstore with my Grandparents and leaving with a handful of books, or joining summer reading competitions at the local library. Books have always been a safe space and a constant in my life, so being able to author my own book has been really special and fun. 

Tell us about your book.

Ali the Alligator and Cory the Crocodile: Make Lemonade is a fun and vibrant story about two friends with entrepreneurial dreams who decide to open a lemonade stand for the summer. The characters each have unique traits – Ali is more sensible and thoughtful and Cory is very enthusiastic and outgoing. Each of these traits lend to the success of the business, but as the story goes on you learn that Ali’s approach is better for money management and Cory has to learn some restraint in spending. We all can identify with these characteristics, and the story highlights that financial skills and wise choices can be learned, and should be introduced early.

As an introduction to basic financial concepts, the book will spur conversations about wants vs. needs, starting a business, supply and demand, and saving money. Parents and teachers should feel empowered to discuss these topics and potentially learn together through discussion. Exposing young minds to financial concepts early helps them appreciate the bigger picture and gives them the ability to make smart choices as they grow older.

The book is recommended for young learners Ages 6-9, but it is fun for all!

So many people have books. What inspired you to become an author in such a competitive market?

When I wrote this book, I was aware of the over-saturated children’s book market. But, undaunted, I knew that I had a unique idea worth sharing. Financial literacy is becoming more of a buzzword and a talking point that people are aware of, but I wanted to do more than just talk about it and more than just acknowledge that it was an area that needed to be addressed. 

This book is my contribution to the effort to build financial literacy skills and awareness at an early stage.

What does success look for you?

I wrote the book as a fun way to give access to basic financial concepts for young learners. It’s not about my personal success, it is about the future successes of the next generation and giving them the opportunity to learn something many adults weren’t introduced to until managing money became a necessity. To that end, if the book sparks conversations and inspires others to also engage, that’s great. If it motivates a teacher to develop a financial literacy curriculum, even better. If it touches and changes a life and potential trajectory for a household, that is priceless.

What kind of impact do you feel that “Ali the Alligator & Cory the Crocodile: Make Lemonade” will have with children?

Most kids I have encountered at book readings really enjoy the vibrant characters and the story. They can relate to something as simple as a lemonade stand in the summer time, and discussions often lead to kids dreaming up their own business ideas. I have been surprised with how much one young man, not older than seven or eight, knew about market conditions! 

Kids will surprise you and they understand more than you may think. For example, the book has some vocabulary words that may be new for the younger age set. But once you describe an “

entrepreneur” as a person that owns their own business, the kids now understand that concept. 

The aim is to introduce the concepts and start a conversation which should lead to greater understanding.

What’s next for Candice?

For now, I’d like to continue to share this book and expand discussions to more schools and places where it can reach children. I do plan to write another book as a part of this series, so stay tuned for that!

Candice Cannon Rudd
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Candice Cannon Rudd is an accomplished lawyer and author of original children’s books. In her seminal series, Ali the Alligator & Cory the Crocodile, she seeks to instill basic principles of financial literacy and business concepts in the next generation of learners.

The daughter of two entrepreneurs, Candice believes that financial literacy is a life skill that should be accessible to everyone.  While she has experienced professional success as an attorney, she also measures personal success by ways that she is able to give back and help others. The idea for a children’s book series with financial literacy themes presented a great opportunity to give back, open doors, and help fill an educational gap.

Candice is a graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, and obtained her law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She was born and raised in Atlanta, and resides there with her husband and two children.