Singer Song Writer Kameron Corvet


By Staff

How important is music and performing to you? 
Music is very important to me. Performing represents a connection to a family history and reason for pursuing music in the first place so it’s always a place of refuge.

What is your favorite song that you have written or performed and why? 
Don’t Make Me Wait is my favorite song written because it showed me the power that a song can have when it resonates with those who listen to it. 

Tell us about your performance residencies in Atlanta. 
I have a few different locations in which I hold residencies. They can come and go depending on seasons but as of now, I’m playing in the city a few times a week. We experiment with familiar covers and occasionally throw an original in there as well. 

Tell us about your latest single and its inspiration. 
Count You Twice is my latest single and the inspiration behind it is my parents love for eachother over the years. It’s really a blessing to be loved by someone beyond the surface level. 

What is your favorite song to sing and why? 
I don’t necessarily have a favorite song. That would all depend on mood and my mood changes depending on various factors. Pretty much any song that allows me to explore my natural range as a vocalist is a favorite.

What does success look like for you? 
Success for me looks like continuing to do what I love and getting better at it along the way. 

Kameron Corvet is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter and Alternative RnB artist from Cincinnati, Ohio and based in Atlanta. While moonlighting as a French teacher, Kameron’s breakout moment came from composing and co-writing Sting & Shaggy’s single “Don’t Make Me Wait” from the Grammy Award-winning album 44/876. While continuing to establish himself as a songwriter for music legends including Toni Braxton, Angie Stone and more, Kameron has also been releasing and performing his original music as a blend of guitars, soulful vocals and fine-crafted songs. As a performer, he’s opened for Adele, Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu, TyDolla$ign, Robert Glasper and more. Riding the wave of his most recent release, “You With Me” from the BMF series on STARZ, Kameron is poised for his artistic moment. 

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