Sports Agent Spencer Charles, III (SC3)

By Staff
What is it that you love most about sports? I grew up with just my mother who was in the US Navy moving all around the world and sports/football gave me a sense of family, fulfillment, and a platform to compete against the best and develop confidence in myself.
What was your experience like at the Combine? My combine experience was amazing; being able to experience the NFL Combine with my client, Jammie Robinson, who is from a small town in south Georgia that worked hard his entire life to reach this milestone in his journey was so rewarding to see his dream manifest.
What kind of skills are needed to become successful as a sports agent? To be certified NFL Sports Agent, one has to have an undergraduate degree, and then a Masters or Law degree, and complete a three hour agent exam with the NFLPA.  An agent must be emotionally intelligent, and have great relationship management skills.  The following skills are also required: legal and technical writting skills, financial management skills, contract and negotiations skills to name a few.
What keeps you motivated in such a competitive industry? 
I love the game of football, and I always wanted to play in the  NFL!  Becoming an NFL Sports Agent gave me the opportunity to keep that dream alive and fulfill my dream of being a part of the NFL.  I may have not made the NFL athletically, but I made it to the league with my mind.  Personally, my daughter and my family are my number one motivation; I always want to take care of them and set them up for long term success while having a little fun along the way.
What does success look like for you? 
I come from a small family of sharecroppers (I grew in southern California though due to my mom being in the Navy) from Eutaw, Alabama (right outside of Tuscaloosa) that did their best to get by for generations; however, my dream has always been to create generational wealth and financial security for my family and for the generations to come.
What can we expect from you in the next five years?
Being the Baddest Sports Agent on the planet (multiple #1 draft picks); also I plan to expand into to talent management by representing actors and artist in the “A”, Hollywood, and world wide.  Also, I would like to develop an educational program at the high school level and college to help other inspiring agents break into the industry by sharing my experiences and lessons learned along the way.


SC3 Sports Management is a sports management agency specializing in Contract Negotiations, Career, and Business Management Services. We take pride in providing Professional Development, Guidance, and Work Opportunities at each juncture of our clients’ career journey.

​Spencer Charles, III (SC3) is a Certified NFL Sports Agent residing in Atlanta, GA with roots in Alabama. He holds an MBA in Sports Management and a dual Bachelors degree in Finance and Marketing. Spencer has a broad range of experience working in sports, entertainment, and business for fortune 500 companies that afforded him the opportunity to develop strong negotiation, business, and talent management skills while managing million-dollar ventures.

Spencer’s experience in the entertainment industry has provided him the opportunity to work with recording labels such as Bad Boy, Virgin, and So-So Def Recording in a marketing and branding capacity. Over the years he has leveraged these experiences to improve the market value and brand equity of his clients. In the sports industry, he has spent several years mentoring and inspiring young athletes as a former High School Football Coach. He has also received tutelage as a coach from six-time National Championship Coach, Nick Saban and the University of Georgia’s Head Football Coach, Kirby Smart.

Spencer has an unyielding passion for coaching and developing young professional athletes on the field and in the game life and considers his clients as an extension of his family. He loves to compete; believes in leaving no stone unturned and is to never be outworked.


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