Dr. MOTIV8ION on Women’s History Month

By Deirdre L. Jones-Lowman, PhD(c), MBA, Professional Life Coach

2020: Women Can Have It all

Women’s History Month recognizes the multifaceted identities of women and their contributions to the betterment of society.    The month of March showcases women and their ability to achieve IT all while remaining available to our own hopes and dreams while rising to the expectations of others.

Women’s History Month celebrates the contributions to history, society, and culture of women and womanhood.    The month of March showcases women and their ability to achieve It all while remaining available to pursue our own hopes and dreams while rising to the expectations of others.  It is an acronym for being intelligent and thriving and impressively taking charge of their destiny.

As a wife, mother, student, coach, friend, sister, and community advocate, sometimes I am unable to see the forest for the trees.  I do not apologize for the complex lifestyle of being a working woman.  I remain unapologetically opposed to androcentric values which attempt to box women in; and,  detract and distract  from their courage, resilience and strength.  Having It all includes  spouses, families, children, education, careers, ideas, doubts, and opinions.  How do I accomplish professional aspirations, familial responsibilities and still find time to self-care? 

Working women, in particular, often deal with mental barriers attributed to the idea of multitasking.  The art of multi-tasking  has far exceeded its shelf-life in the psyche of women.  The ability to multitask often manifests into inaction or inactivity.  When ideas and thoughts are not deconstructed, visualized, and one of three actions:  daily habit, planned action, or inspired action, are not taken.   Multitasking could potentially lead to mind-clutter, depression, mental fatigue, anxiety, stress, burn-out, avoidance, and life/job dissatisfaction.  Depression, anxiety and mental stress can be clinically diagnosed and treated.  However, feelings of burnout, dismay, and underappreciated can also weigh heavy on the minds of women who seek to have it all. 

Life coaching induces mind mapping which is the process of visual thinking, analyzing,  structuring and organizing ideas and thoughts in the mind.  Mind mapping promotes mental prioritizing of multiple tasks; and, hiring a life coach will assist with the decluttering process.  Coaching helps to transform ideas, feelings of anxiety and burnout into action-oriented,  goal manifestation.   Coaching is a confidential, co-active partnership between the coach and client.  The coach guides the client toward their end goal, albeit personally  and professionally.  The coaching process is an intimate, judgement-free, client-driven journey toward self-awareness, self-control, and self-care.   Coaching perpetuates action and active engagement in the forward movement process.

In an effort to have It all, women must adhere to self-care. The act of  self-care is not only physical but emotional, spiritual, and mental; it is self-preservation.  In the pursuit of having it all, women must be conscious that self-care is necessary to succeed in the boardroom,  stabilize families, achieve goals and continue making contributions to society.  Women can have “It” all; however,  self-care must be a priority.

7 Necessary Steps to Self-Care

  1. Increase your self-awareness
  2. Own your feelings
  3. Decide what your end goal is
  4. Hire a Coach
  5. Co-Develop a game plan
  6. Individually implement the plan

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Photo Courtesy: Deirdre L. Jones-Lowman