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By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your education and training.

I attended Louisiana Tech University for undergrad earning my bachelor of science degree in computer information systems. I completed my formal coaching training through Ideal Coaching Global, a Los Angeles based, ICF  (International Coach Federation) accredited coaching training program (ACTP). This rigorous 9-month program specializes in ontological mindful ecological living. Ontology is the study of being. Ontological mindful ecological coaching holistically explores “ways of being” as a means for producing quantum shifts in perception and human behavior (ontology), cultivates awareness of what’s going on in our bodies, our feelings, our minds and the world (mindfulness), and connects to relationships that interlink us to each other and to our social and natural environment (ecology). Upon completion of the program and passing the ICF coach knowledge exam, I proudly received two certifications: one through Ideal Coaching Global certifying my completion of 217 (master level) hours of training and the other through ICF certifying completion of PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level training and ACC (Associate Certified Coach) coaching hours. I’ve also done a great deal of studies, readings, research, mentorships, trainings, and additional courses independently in order to sharpen my most valuable tool, my mindset. It’s a lifelong commitment to embodied learning.

What has been the biggest thing you had to overcome and how did you do it?

The biggest challenge I’ve ever faced and overcome is my battle with trauma and depression, the most recent bout occurring just a few weeks ago. One week after I graduated from coaching school, feeling on top of the world with my accomplishment, I was involved in a car crash. While I was grateful to have walked away with minimal injury, and that the other party did as well, it took its toll on me mentally and emotionally. Initially I thought I was fine, but the trauma of the crash kept showing back up. All because the wreck was my fault. I know people have wrecks all the time. But this was my first one, and I caused it. This one error sent me on this downward spiral of self doubt, self sabotage, overwhelm, and limiting beliefs about who I am. Feeling like I’m not enough. Questioning my own value and worthiness to even be a coach. I wasn’t feeling like myself anymore. I felt lost, not knowing what my next steps should be. I realized I was stuck in a fear-based state that was keeping me at a very low vibrational frequency energetically. I was in no condition to make rational life decisions. I reached out to my tribe of closest friends, family and my coaching community for help and support. They began helping me to dig deeper into myself and embrace the fear that was paralyzing me. That’s what it felt like at the time — paralyzing. Furthermore, I wasn’t being loving to myself. That’s where I began turning things around. I started with embracing and leaning into the fear that was paralyzing me. Instead of my pathology of resist, repel, retreat, I had to allow myself to feel the depths of all the emotions I was feeling fully and really explore who I was within the discomfort of it all. I journaled a lot during this process. The next step was forgiveness. I needed to give myself permission to be okay with making mistakes and forgive myself for it. I needed to understand that this one event didn’t shift my entire being nor did it define my identity. It wasn’t me.

My ego self was identifying itself with that mistake and punishing me for it. That was the story of my life. The ego is always in search of fear to feed itself, and it ALWAYS finds it — even if it has to make it up. One of my many limiting beliefs was that I am not supposed to make mistakes. I’m supposed to be the best at everything I do. That’s what my interpretation was of how I was raised. My interpretation of “always strive for perfection” and “always strive to be the best” was to “never make a mistake.” And when I do, punish myself for it. That mindset was literally killing me. Once I finally forgave myself, I was then able to tap into my Higher Self. I tapped into gratitude. Being grateful to be alive and to have another day, another chance to do things differently. Being grateful for the little things took my mind off the big things weighing me down just long enough to begin rediscovering where my true value lies. I started searching for anything that would vibrate me at a higher frequency: motivational videos, audiobooks, webinars, etc. I got back into my morning routine of meditation and movement. Once I started moving again, my vibrational frequency started increasing  and I was able to function normally again. My main takeaway from this experience was to practice being more loving, compassionate, forgiving and patient with myself. To allow myself to feel and embrace the light and dark moments fully. It’s the light AND darkness that make me a better coach. Ultimately, my lesson is to BE love and embody love. To make sure my own love cup is full first. The overflow is what I get to share with the world through my work.

What inspired you to become a Life Coach?

I believe this work is my calling. I was a graphic designer and a model for nearly 20 years of my life. Then, one day, I started feeling like there was a greater purpose for me. I’d been doing my own personal and spiritual development work for years. I knew that I wanted to do and be someone even more creative and impactful in the world. In summer 2018, I encountered a friend at a barbeque who was graduating from the school I ended up attending. Upon further inquiry with him about this school, I knew this was the answer for me. What I didn’t know was how deeply my own life would be impacted and transformed in the process.

How did you know that you had what it takes to help/motivate people?

Honestly, I can’t really say I did know that fully. Like I mentioned earlier, I’d been doing my own independent transformational work for years. I’ve also been told most of my adult life that I’m easy to talk to. I guess my subconscious put those things together. I don’t know. What I did know for sure is that I didn’t want to be one of these people who goes on social media, slaps “life coach” on their profile with no training, credentials, or authority to back it up, and goes around telling people what to do. That is not coaching. I wanted to do the necessary work to show myself that I had what it takes to help people transform their lives. I now know just how possible it is because I’ve not only helped numerous clients transform their lives, I’ve transformed my own. I pride myself in leading by example.

What have you found to be the most rewarding aspect of being a Life Coach?

Well, the obvious answer to that is being witness to the incredible results that I get to help my clients create in their own lives… and that’s all 100% true. However, I must be honest in saying that being the observer of my own growth, maturation, and transformation is not only rewarding, but astounding at times. A year ago I set a goal, not knowing exactly where I’d be today, but I surely didn’t fathom I’d be here. I mean… The audacity that I could have the trust and confidence in myself to invite others to trust me with their lives is the ultimate honor all in itself. Plus, the technology I’m now equipped with in the form of powerful, mindset-shifting distinctions are priceless.

I also think it’s important to note that while some call me a life coach or an empowerment coach, and I embrace those titles as well, I prefer to call myself a Luxury Life Architect. I’ve discovered this title intrigues and excites me, my clients, and prospects much more in regards to doing this work. Life coach sometimes has a slightly negative stigma attached to it that has to be unlearned and then re-educated. I find it easier and more fun to explain to people what a Luxury Life Architect is. And there’s no stigma to battle.

What keeps you motivated to be able to help people?

This sounds to me like a “what’s my why?” question. So here’s my WHY:

I believe for far too long, men have been disconnected head to heart. We too often find ourselves stuck in overwhelm and worry and stress. Limiting beliefs about who we think or who we’re told we’re supposed to be in the world. I am one of those men. I discovered that many of the challenges I face every day are due to my own diminished sense of worthiness and love for myself. Every day I put in the energy to excavate my own limiting beliefs, uncover my highest value, and practice connecting more deeply to who I really am.

As a luxury life architect, I’ve also discovered my calling to help men, specifically minority men, harness their struggles as tools to uncover their true value and as building blocks to renovate their own luxury lives. My vision is to lead a movement of more connected, divine, powerful, and successful men in the world. To rise men up to be the Kings we were born to be. To live the lives we are so richly worthy of living.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

By the year 2025, I see a multi-million dollar business having helped or at least having touched multi-millions of lives for the betterment of our society and our world.


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