The Benefits Associated With All Yoga Poses or Asanas


By Nadiya Mahmood.

There are benefits associated with all yoga poses or asanas, let’s discuss them as well as how to properly get into theses poses. An asana is yoga pose or posture, it is part of the physical practice of yoga, the part of yoga that most people are familiar with here in the western world. However, the physical practice and movement part are just one of the eight limbs or parts of yoga. There are always benefits to every yoga asana, for our physical body, our soul, and our mind. In this article I will discuss a few fundamental yoga asanas. 

The asana being discussed is Sukhasana. Sukhasana is also know as a simple seated posture, where your legs are crossed. To get in this posture sit with your legs out in front of you, spine is straight, this pose is called staff pose. Then fold your legs bringing your right foot under your left thigh and your left foot under your right thigh. Once your legs are crossed make sure your hands rest on your knees, your spine is straight, and the crown of your head is lifted to the sky, shoulders relaxed, heart is open, and your core is engaged. This posture is ideal for grounding and relaxation. This is a great place to find peace and serenity, it’s even a great place for meditation. 

While here we will take a few moments to focus on our breathing. First let’s exhale all the air out of our bodies and then inhale deeply in through our nose filling our belly with air and allowing our belly to stick out, hold the breath, and then exhale out the nose as you exhale feel the belly button pulling in closer to the spine. Continue breathing this way for 5 rounds in and out. Perhaps your breath is 3 seconds in, retaining the breath for 2 seconds, and then exhale for 3 seconds. Once this feels comfortable let’s try extending the breath for a little longer by inhaling for 5-6 seconds, holding or retaining the breath for 7 seconds, and then exhaling for 5-6 seconds. You can increase your breath over time. Sukhasana is one of the essential yoga postures.

Another vital asana is Mountain Pose or Tadasana. Mountain pose is the foundational standing posture. This is also a grounding asana; both feet are grounded or rooted into the mat, both heels and all ten toes press into the mat, bring the big toes together to touch. It’s important to make sure your legs are straight, but your knees are not hyper extended, if you experience low back pain you can take a slight bend in your knees. Turn your inner thighs slightly inward, slightly squeeze your bottom together, while you tighten your pelvic floor, and engage your core. Press your shoulder blades together, lengthen your collarbone, arms fall to the sides, palms face forward, and your finger tips face down towards the ground. Throat is relaxed, crown of the head lifts up towards the sky/ceiling, and the face is peaceful. You can find some tranquility here by standing in Tadasana for a minute or less and focusing on breath work.

Some of the benefits of Tadasana are to firm the abdominal muscles and buttocks/quadriceps. This pose also helps relieve pain associated with sciatica. It also improves flat feet and strengthens ankles, knees, and thighs. 

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