Anwar Aiken of LEAD YOUniversity-Leadership Starts With You

By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your company and services.
We believe that people want to be better, but don’t always know how to be better.

LEAD YOUniversity was founded on the belief that Leadership starts with you.  And, that you will never lead anyone else, until you learn to lead yourself.  Through professional life and business coaching, we help people be better and grow in self-awareness.  Our services include coaching, mentorship, and keynote speaking. 
Motto: Don’t just live your life, LEAD your life.  

What inspired this career path for you?

Definitely great mentors.  I knew in my heart I was capable of more. However,  I didn’t know how to access my own greatness.  And, there is nothing more frustrating, then knowing you have greatness inside you and not not tapping into it.  We all want to be better, but sometimes we just don’t know how.  That’s why mentorship and coaching is so important.  We are all stuck at some point in our lives, and we need someone to help us get pass those barriers.  I’ve been blessed at every stage of my life to connect with a great mentor.  They stretched my thinking, challenged my limiting beliefs, and encourage me to raise my awareness.  It wasn’t always easy or comfortable, but unlocking your potential never is.  But the freedom you feel when you finally discover your purpose is empowering.      

Give us an example of some of the results you have from you’re coaching.  

From our coaching what people experience most is an increased Awareness.  Whether personally or professionally we help people increase their capacity.  We give them a plan with actionable steps they can do everyday and see real change.  

What are some things that people need to be prepared to do when seeking your services?

Be patient with themselves.  An understand that personal growth isn’t an easy, it’s a necessary.  People need to be open to new ways of thinking.  The level of thinking that got you where they are, won’t take you where you want to go.    

How would someone know that they are in need of your services?

That’s easy.  If someone doesn’t have A Personal Growth Plan with actionable steps that lead to desired change and predictable outcomes, they need professional life coaching.        

Realizing that your services are for everyone,  why the special interest in African American men?

  Let’s be honest, it’s hard being a Black man or man of color in America today.  There are so many misconceptions, preconceptions, and false representation about who we are.  Unfortunately our collective voice is still not loud enough to be heard.  America must understand there is a difference between a bad man, and a broken man.  I have been blessed to have so many men of color, reach back and not leave me behind.  I have to reach back.  

Having to give of yourself so much in this industry,  how do you stay motivated and relevant?

My motivation comes from my clients success.  Also, from just loving what I do and operating in my gift.  To stay relevant you have to connect with people and consistently add value.     

What is your approach in mentoring someone who seeks a similar career path?

I start by plugging them into my community of professional leaders, coaches, and speakers.  Environment is so important.  From day one they will see what right looks like.  Then we create a professional development plan, and assign them a mentor.  You have to grow yourself before you can help grow others. 

Where would you like to see your business in the next five years?

I want LEAD YOUniversity to be the leading online learning resource or leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs.    

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