New Books Celebrate the Brilliance of Young Black Female Leaders



Unbossed: How Black Girls Are Leading the Way Black girls are leading, organizing, advocating, and creating. They are starting nonprofits. Building political coalitions. Promoting diverse literature. Fighting cancer. Improving water quality. Working to prevent gun violence.From Khristi Lauren Adams, author of the celebrated Parable of the Brown Girl, comes Unbossed, a hopeful and riveting inquiry into the lives of eight young Black women who are agitating for change and imagining a better world. They are pacesetters, strategic thinkers, visionaries, mobilizers, activists, and more. Their stories may often be overlooked. But Black girls are leading the way. Buy Now ▶
Brown Girls Read: Diverse Literature for All
“Ssanyu Lukoma picked up on the same need for diverse literature before she knew anything about the Own Voices movement. She is intuitive—able to see the need for such books on her own. This is significant because it demonstrates that Black youth are not only aware of the lack of representation in literature; they are proactive in the solutions. Through Brown Kids Read, Ssanyu motivates young people to read books that feature children of color. She believes that by making reading fun and relatable, she can share her love of literature and inspire the next generation of readers.”
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Companion Title for Young Readers
Black Girls Unbossed: Young World Changers Leading the WayYoung Black leaders have always been at the forefront of the fight for justice, freedom, and equity. From Khristi Lauren Adams comes Black Girls Unbossed, which introduces young readers to Black girls leading the way and changing the world. Like the young women who came before them, Black girls today are saying “enough is enough” and building a better world. Buy Now ▶
About the Author
Khristi Lauren Adams is a speaker, advocate, ordained Baptist minister, and award-winning author of Parable of the Brown Girl. She is the founder and director of The Becoming Conference, designed to empower, educate, and inspire teenage girls. Her ministry and youth advocacy have been featured on CNN, and her work has appeared in Huffington PostOff the Page, and the Junia Project. She is currently the Dean of Spiritual Life & Equity at The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.