3 Ways To Make This Year & Your Life Amazing!

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By Anwar Aiken

If you’re like most people, you came into 2021 fired up and ready to go. You were determined to take the year by storm and make up for the lost time. Then just a few months into a new year, you realized something. We’re still in a pandemic and wrestling with the uncertainties of what it means to get back to normal. Staying motivated is tough enough, but when it’s more complicated than you thought and takes longer than you anticipated, what do you do? The truth is there’s no right or all-encompassing answer. You have to control what you can control and stay the course. Ask yourself this question. What must you do to make this year amazing? Not, what do you want to do or even think you should do. But what MUST you do to make this year and your life extraordinary?

So here are my MUST DO for 2021

1. Go For It: 

I learned a long time ago that God can’t bless what you don’t do. That leaves you two choices. Chase your dreams or live with regret. So go all in, and no matter what, don’t quit.

2. Don’t Waste Time with People Who Don’t Believe In You:

Time is one of the most precious commodities we have, and success is challenging enough already. It’s impossible to be successful in an environment where people don’t believe in you. So don’t waste time, energy, and effort seeking validation from people who don’t understand you and weren’t going to help you anyway. Besides, it’s not their dream.  It’s yours.

3. Find Meaning:

At some point, if it hasn’t happened already, Life is going to hit you in the face. It’s nothing personal; that’s its job. To see if we have what it takes to be successful. On June 4, 2004, Life tested me. That was the day I found out my grandmother had terminal cancer, my girlfriend was cheating on me, and that I was deploying to Iraq. And, did I mention this all happened in a six-hour window. It almost broke me. Losing your joy is one thing, but losing hope is worse. At that moment, I heard GOD speak to me, and He asked me a question. DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? Then He told me it was going to be alright. At that moment my parents couldn’t help me. My friends couldn’t help me. GOD was all I had. And I learned that when GOD is all I had, he was all I needed.

I don’t know your dream, goals, or what your MUST Do is. But as for me, I’m going all-in on my dream. I am not wasting time on or with people and things that don’t believe in me or add value to my life. My trust is in God.  In who created me to be, and what I know He called me to do. My hope and prayer for each of you this year is that you commit to doing the same. 


Anwar Aiken is an accomplished Military Officer, Transportation Professional with over 15 years of senior-level management experience.  He is the Founder of LEAD YOUniversity and an Executive Director w/ The John Maxwell Team.  He has been licensed and trained by John and his team to deliver nothing short of world-class content from the #1 expert on leadership, Dr. John C. Maxwell.Investing in the growth of your business, the strength of your team or your personal development is the key to long-term success.

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