Trae Dungy of TRIAL X FIRE Specializes in Movies, Television, and Musicals that Entertain, Educate, and Enlighten


By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your company.

My company TRIAL X FIRE specializes in new media distribution for content like films, tv shows, web series, stand up comedy, podcast and more.  We work directly with major platforms and outlets like Netflix, Starz, Walmart, Target and more.  I like to think of our space as a tech company which in the future will grow to encompass, games, apps and other similar developments.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I was inspired to become an entrepreneur by the challenge to earn lasting wealth without a ceiling and the ability to bring my friends with me along the way to a greater day.  Plus i had never been the greatest at keeping and holding a job.  It’s a little hard to fire myself lol. Only thing i do is get fired up.

What type of films are you looking to place?
We look not only for content but content creators who have a vision to bring engaging and powerful stories to the people. Our favorites are the genres we grew up with like urban dramas, love stories, independent documentaries, comedy, web series, engaging podcast.  We are looking to create some real opportunities by place a variety of different content types on some of the greatest platforms we all use to watch and enjoy our favorites. 

What is the most difficult aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding, joyful, satisfying experiences I’ve ever experienced in life, next to having kids. It is also one of the most laborious, mentally taxing and difficult  paths i have ever embarked on.  One struggle i feel is universal amongst entrepreneurs is time and money and the secret art of balancing life in between.  That has been over all most difficult struggle for me.

What has been your greatest success thus far?
One of the things that has really been a guiding principle for building our company has been in knowing with each new success, each new film premiere, every new series roll out,  we create more opportunities  for thought leaders, creators, and filmmakers to connect with the audiences that have been looking for the content they have been creating.  Some of my favorites are the films that grow us as a culture like the Invisible Vegan, which is a documentary by a really talented producer (Jasmine Leyva) featuring Cedrick The Entertainer basketball legend John Salley along with a really intelligent cast speaking about veganism for the black community and how this can be a great factor for the future of our health as people of color. recently finished a book titled The Art Of Guerilla Filmmaking.  I wrote this book as a guide for inspired creators to use as a tool to build there projects easier, cheaper and at a greater level of quality while still maintaining control over their vision.

How do you maintain your competitive edge in such a competitive industry?
Things move really really fast in the technology space.  At any given time there are new opportunities and outlets for films and content and new methods to connect to viewers.  Our team is actively communicating with producers about what they are working on vs what platforms are paying for and where the current opportunities are for their properties.  We also believe in positioning business as a resource for the community with that we have launched our platform Film Plug which is a free streaming platform where we feature comedy, drama, romance, documentary, music programming  and pretty much any other type of content we feel the people want and need to see.  The platform is ad supported and all filmmakers receive a proceed from the views there content collects on Film Plug.

About Trae Dungy
TRIAL X FIRE, LLC is a privately owned company that specializes in Movies, Television, and Musical programming. At TXF we aim to entertain, educate, and enlighten the masses through media, content partnerships, print, and new emerging technologies. Our dedication to our culture, viewers and the expansive drive and inclusive nature keep TRIAL X FIRE at the top of its field.

We have always had a yearning to give new and talented filmmakers an opportunity to be seen and heard. Not only was Urban Home Entertainment where Trae served as Co-CEO and Acquisition Executive the first to shop for distribution for Tyler Perry plays, they were also the first to create distribution opportunities for Kevin Hart on his stand-up routine. Today, UHE & TXF partner with filmmakers and releases titles of urban & multi-cultural films to the most sought after retailers, television, and platforms in the US, Canada as well as Internationally abroad.

As the Director of Acquisitions at UHE, Trae Dungy, a young creative powerhouse is an experienced filmmaker and stand up comedy producer. Having multiple catalysts, such as hands on experience and insight into the film industry, encouraged Trae to partner with his father, resulting in UHE becoming extremely successful. Having been awarded multiple film making accolades over the past decade, Trae understands the thirst and craving independent filmmakers have. To paint a moving canvas designed to awaken the world with their inspirational message.  Most recently he has collaborated with several filmmakers to launch the digital movie streaming portal FILM PLUG and the distribution branch  TRIAL X FIRE.

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