Mitchell Scott on Fatherhood


By Staff

What is your profession? 

I am a Senior Information Technology Business Manager and Section Chief. My primary roles are to identify, develop and monitor acquisition program requirements and plans while delivering risk mitigation strategies through the life cycle of the program.

When you hear your name as Dad, Father, Pops, etc. what do you feel?

I feel blessed. I feel honored. I feel humbled. I feel privileged.

What has been the greatest joy of fatherhood?

There are so many great joys aligned to fatherhood that I cannot name just one. As a father of two boys, I feel like I’m raising myself from infancy because of the physical, emotional, and intellectual similarities. I find great joy in seeing the world through their eyes, as they provide me with a pure, unbiased perspective that I often don’t consider as an adult. Witnessing my boys experience nervousness, yet still having the courage to try new things, brings me joy because I am there every step of the way. They provide me with the opportunities to help them embrace struggle and achievement. Their laughter brings not only joy and peace to my soul knowing they are simply happy. They allow me to dream with them.

What do you feel that you can do to be a better father?

As a father, I feel that I could exercise more patience. No matter how hard I  try to prepare them, some things a child must experience for themselves. I must find peace that the instruction I have given them is sufficient.

What has been the most meaningful lesson you learned from your child/children?

What I’ve learned is that despite my imperfections, I am perfect in their eyes. My wife and I are their Superheroes! My boys unconditional love and unwavering encouragement has allowed me to embrace my flaws and to approach each day as a new opportunity to maximize my potential and time with them.

What keeps you so motivated when things get challenging?

I am motivated by the fact that I am not alone. No matter the challenge, I can look at my wife and children and realize how blessed I am to navigate all of life’s challenges, bonded as one.

How much alike are you to your father in fatherhood?

My father and I are alike but different in our approaches to fatherhood. While I am very hands on with my boys, my father used a very hands off approach, seeking for me to learn from him through observation. Unlike my father, my presence in my boy’s lives is very intentional as I never want to miss a single moment. My father’s words were few, but powerful, many of which I’ve used to overcome multiple challenging moments as an adult. He exposed me to the fullness of life and humanity, both the good and the bad.  As a child and now I man, I continue to observe his brilliance, wit, and sheer will to live his life as he sees fit.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a father?

The most challenging aspect of a father is trying to protect my children from being hurt emotionally or physically and when they do, questioning whether you gave them the right guidance in that moment.

What do you feel your legacy will be?

It may be premature to make predictions or declarations when considering what my legacy will be.  I can’t control how people will view me but I can control my actions. With that in mind, I am firm but compassionate and fair. I am intentionally present because I believe the members with your circle must be strong individually and collectively. I freely share my dreams, wisdom, and love with those I hold dear.