Marcus Machado- “I Can’t Lose“ Feat. Jermaine Holmes


Best Music VideoAward at the Independent Shorts Awards in LA. Directed by  Patrick House .

Recognized as one of industry’s best kept secrets, Marcus is no stranger to the stage with an in depth indoctrination to the world of music; Marcus Machado has been playing the acoustic guitar since the age of one and the electric guitar since the age of two. With one of the first of his performances as a kindergartner being a rendition of “The Wind Cries Mary” by Jimi Hendrix on a guitar synthesizer it’s no wonder he was dubbed the “Young Jimi Hendrix ” Coming full circle, Marcus had the esteemed opportunity to perform the Hendrix Flat Sessions in London on location at Jimi Hendrix old apartment which can be viewed on YouTube. Although influenced by many greats like Jimi Hendrix, Marcus wants to be known for his original music, which contains influences of Jazz, R&B, Funk, Rap, Rock and Gospel as displayed in his 2015 debut EP  “29” released through Purpose Music Group showcasing his enormous musical talents.

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