Lolita E. Walker-“Lolita’s Change Train.”

Hey There!

And welcome aboard “Lolita’s Change Train.” My goal, as long as you remain on this journey, is to help you truly feel the power in your pause! I’m all about helping you drive increased confidence, clarity, and commitment, as you shift to renewed action!

Wanna learn how?  Perfect! We are on this journey together! Through coaching, speaking, retreats, my book, workshops, my podcast, and more, I help busy women and diverse teams to reclaim the power that is them! It is then that you walk, talk, and behave differently, more intentionally, and become ready to soar further and farther!

Now that you’re ready, #letsgo! and allow me to be the 1st to say CONGRATULATIONS on CHOOSING to pause and invest in YOU today!

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Lolita E. Walker
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About Her Company.

Walker & Walker Enterprises is at the helm of a movement to inspire and cultivate clear and confident individuals and teams to be more in-touch, productive, balanced, and solution-focused. This personal & professional coaching and consultancy specializes in helping you truly feel the power that is within your intentional pause. Whether through speaking, teaching, podcasting, or coaching, the work of Walker & Walker Enterprises will successfully navigate you farther along your journey……by first focusing on the foundation of you.

Best known as a Change Champion, with a passion for women, Lolita and her team proudly service and consult cross-gendered teams and audiences. Her proven methodologies drive the rigor of sustainable personal and professional development.

Lolita’s work, book, courses, podcast, and services stand upon Walker & Walker Enterprises’ philosophy, vision, and strategy.

Her Change.

Lolita has been where you are and has gotten where you seek to be – in a renewed state of being free and thriving with a renewed mindset.  The benefit of having a partner who has reached the finish line successfully and systematically, is knowing that her methodologies are the enabler.

About Her Book

This book takes you on a journey of self-help and self-awareness, exploration, and discovery. The author journeys you aboard Lolita’s Change Train to 17 stops. At each, you will learn and grow through affirmations, poetry, personal stories, and questions that penetrate your thinking and help you LEAP to YOUR Unknown. You are at the Intersection of You & Change. It is where fear meets confidence and clarity meets the unknown. Please hop aboard and journey with Lolita for more than motivation, more than self-help, and more than you ever imagined. Get excited to leap from where you are to where you want to be! ALL ABOARD!!!

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