MegaFest 2017
  • Fitness

    Nikki Thomas: Soul Power Yoga

    Who is Nikki Thomas? Nikki Thomas is a radio personality at both 102.9 KBLX-fm in San Francisco and 97.7 WKAF in Boston! She is also a certified yoga instructor and self proclaimed SOUL POWER Revolutionary! [...]
  • Digital Edition

    Heart & Soul Digital Edition May-June 2017

    Can you feel it? The energy is palpable. Women are remembering their divine purpose and standing up for each other around the globe. But where do men stand in all of this movement? Our cover [...]
  • Health

    Physicians Corner: Dr. Richard Allen Williams

    By: Michael A. Graham Dr. Richard Allen Williams, is currently a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine, President/CEO of the Minority Health Institute, Inc. in Los Angeles, California and the President [...]
  • Culture

    MegaFest Returns to Dallas in Summer 2017

    Four-day Festival June 28 through July 1 to Attract More Than 100,000 MegaFest – the internationally acclaimed four-day faith, film and family festival hosted by best-selling author, entrepreneur and pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes – is [...]
  • Fitness

    No Place Like Ohm: ALL PULL NO PUSH

    By Synthche Franchella I often speak to my yoga students about the role of pain and how it can inform our practice.  Pain is actually an excellent teacher.  It’s our body’s warning signal that something [...]
  • Fitness

    Keep up with your self-care

    By Jill Goldsberry   As you prepare traveling with your girls to warmer regions, always remember to keep up with your self-care! Diet and excersize are often pushed to the side on vacation, leaving us [...]
  • Food

    Fast Facts About Turmeric

    By-Karima A. Kendall, PhD, LDN, RDN Have you ever wondered about all the buzzing around Turmeric? Turns out the golden spice of India is chock of health benefits. Anti-inflammatory Agent Turmeric contains curcumin, which is [...]
MegaFest 2017

MegaFest 2017

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