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  • Diet

    Losing It: Anna Wright

    Where would I even begin? If I had to be honest, I would say that it was in February 1999 that I felt like my life had traveled to a point of no return. Here [...]
  • Diet

    My Transition To A Vegan Lifestyle

    By Jasmine Knight On the evening of January 9th, 2016, while my 6-month old daughter slept and my 10-year old son played with his legos; I cleaned house.  I went through my kitchen and threw [...]
  • Escapes

    The Woman Behind The Business Retreat

     It’s a delicate subject. Being a woman entrepreneur (especially in the start-up phase) can mean long hours, late nights, and nobody to talk to! Add on your responsibilities as wife, mother, daughter, sister, or any [...]
  • Celebrity


    2 Self Help Books Away From Being Perfect is a screwball comedy about a bright-eyed Brooklynite who naively uses self help principles to find love. When Kimmy Monroe (Kimberly Young), a hopelessly optimistic lab technician [...]
  • Celebrity

    Little Ballers Indiana: Going For the Win

    by k. Neycha Herford “Just be you.  Be what you can be!”  Skylar Diggins It is a blessing to be inspired.  So few things can fire up optimism on the instant like deeply listening to [...]
  • Culture


    By Coriann Bright of Bright Living “Is your house always perfect?” A logical assumption that most people make upon learning that I am a Professional Organizer and Interior Designer. To which I always answer “Yes, [...]
  • Beauty

    Tracy Reese

    By Patrice Gaines Urban News Service No one knew what First Lady Michelle Obama would choose to wear on stage at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. That decision is generally a secret kept from the [...]
  • Fitness

    ESTHER LOPEZ -Losing It

    Growing up, I may not have been the skinniest nor the strongest of the bunch but I had a fight to prove my worth with effort. However, at some point in my young, adult life [...]

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